Outreach on XING like never before

Effixient is the missing XING Automation tool for Recruiters and B2B Sales professionals. Automate personalised outreach at scale on XING.

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What is Effixient?

We are the
automation tool
for XING

Effixient is an outreach automation tool for XING that lets you connect with candidates and potential customers at scale, without losing the personal touch.


Work smarter, not harder.

Why spend hours manually messaging profiles on XING? Our customers save up to 12 hours per week per employee on time spent doing outreach tasks.

Contact Requests and Messages

Reach out using contact requests and messages to increase your reach.

Automated follow-ups

Schedule follow-up messages to run at with a delay of your choosing after the first message is sent

Reply detection

Effixient automatically detects when someone has responded to your message and won't send them any follow-ups.

Bring your own tool

Effixient can integrate with your favourite tools, like Lemlist.


Automation + Personalisation

Effixient lets you automate without sacrificing the personal touch.

Title and Last Name

Effixient allows you to template a user's title (Herr/Frau) and last name in German.

Custom Icebreakers

You can use the {{icebreaker}} merge field to write custom opening message lines for each person you are reaching out to.

Smart Merge Fields

Effixient automatically formats the company name and job title of each profile so it does not look scripted/automated. We remove GmbH, LTD etc from company names automatically.


Here's what our customers say

Not only is Effixient responsible for multiple placements I've done, but it has made building my XING network seamless and enjoyable. I couldn't recommend this tool enough.

E. Giovanni
E. Giovanni
Senior Recruitment Consultant

You set up a search string in the evening, then in the morning click 'Go' and it would be done before you've made your coffee!

G. Hargreaves
G. Hargreaves
Principal Recruitment Consultant

Ready to take your XING outreach to the next level?

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APSCO Trusted PartnerPitchlane Preferred Partner
We are trusted partners to staffing companies and sales professionals throughtout the DACH region and the UK.
Effixient is the missing companion app to XING for Recruiters and B2B Sales professionals. Automate personalised outreach at scale.
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