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XING TalentManager

Effixient integrates deeply with XING TalentManager

XING Messages

Everything you need to recruit

Effixient is built for recruiters, and has been designed from the ground-up to be THE XING Automation tool for Recruiters.

Import from TalentManager Search Results

Craft your boolean, and then import directly into Effixient.

Import from TalentManager Projects

Import the profiles you've already selected into a Project, directly into Effixient.

Browser Extension Integration

Our chrome extension gives you shortcut buttons to make setting up a campaign from TalentManager effortlessly efficient - pardon the pun.

Automatic Reply Detection

Effixient detects if someone has replied before sending a message, and will automatically skip over them if they have responded.

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A more Effixient option than XING Talent Pools

XING's TalentPool manager is expensive and limited - Effixient gives you more control at a price you can afford.

Follow-up sequences

Effixient lets you follow-up automatically with candidates who haven't responded to your messages.

Personalisation Merge Fields

Effixient lets you personalise your messages, using merge fields like {{company}} and {{jobTitle}}, as well as {{titleAndLastNameDE}} to address your candidates in formal German.

Reasonable Pricing

It's no secret that XING's prices are very high. If you'd like a better priced outreach solution, look no further.

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Effixient is the missing companion app to XING for Recruiters and B2B Sales professionals. Automate personalised outreach at scale.
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